8848 Everest Altitude
8848 represents not only the altitude of Mount Everest, but also the horizon for which leaders strive to reach. The name 8848Ti Mobile Phone originates from the brand’s adventurous spirit of “daring to be the pioneer”. It stands for Mount Everest, and mankind’s ambitious dream and courage to challenge extremes.
8848 Inspiration from Everest
Design of 8848Ti Mobile Phone is inspired by Mount Everest. Design of its edges and corners is inspirited by the towering and sharp peaks of Mount Everest. From the sketch of the whole phone to every button, and from the polish of metals to the cut of glass, the edges of Everest are incorporated into every detail of the mobile phone like DNA, injecting the spirituality of Everest into it.
8848 Ascends to the Summit of Everest
On May 16, 2016, Mr. Song Yujiang, the first person known for mountaineering without supplementary oxygen, successfully ascended to the summit of Mount Everest carrying 8848Ti Mobile Phone. Hence, 8848Ti Mobile Phone named after Mount Everest completed a noble tour to its origin.
8848 The Way of Everest
8848 The Way of Everest is the annual tour of brand spirit, and also a titanium privilege activity for all 8848 mobile phone users. The tour starts from Lucara, a 2810-meter-high mountain in Nepal and all members walked all the way until they arrived in EBC Everest Base Camp. Along the tour, they had the privilege of watching the grand and magnificent snow mountains and experience the life on foot without interference of the mundane life.
8848 Summit Club

On April 19, 2016, at the 5360-meter-high EBC Everest Base Camp, 8848Ti Mobile Phone officially announced to establish the first official user club——Summit Club. Mr. Wang Shi, a well-known entrepreneur and mountaineer sent his best regards through phone from the site. Mr. Song Yujiang, the first person known for mountaineering without supplementary oxygen and all the 8848 user representatives on site witnessed this moment.

“Summit Club”, which is the world’s high-altitude user club, is aimed at providing all 8848 users with exclusive and privileged titanium life.