Wang Shi and Us
Mr. Wang Shi, Chairman of Vanke, speaks for 8848Ti Mobile Phone.
When speaking of his cooperation with 8848, Mr. Wang Shi says: “8848 is already the world’s summit.” It is the belief of “challenging high peaks and braving dangers”. The entrepreneurship is composed of this innovation spirit and the courage to take risks. These two points, in fact, are in line with the spirit adhered to by 8848 founders and its team and agree well with me. From a certain perspective, my own company did not enjoy the present reputation in the beginning. I myself also started as an entrepreneur faced with huge risks. This is an important reason for me to accept 8848.
8848 and Wang Shi
Undoubtedly, Mr. Wang Shi, as one of China’s most successful private entrepreneurs, grew up with the wave of the Reform and Opening-up. In addition to his successful career, he kept the spirit of “daring to be the pioneer” with enthusiasm for adventures. He not only ascended to the world’s highest mountain (8848-meter altitude) twice, but is also the oldest person that has ascended to the peak of Everest in China.
8848 not only boasts the altitude of Everest, but also holds dear the brand spirit of “daring to be the pioneer”, which happens to coincide with the DNA of Mr. Wang Shi, thus laying a solid foundation for cooperation between the two parties.
8848 joins hands with Wang Shi to promote rowing race
Compared with such elite sports as golf and equestrianism, rowing race, which originated from the U.K. and nowadays is very popular among royal households and elites in the Wall Street deserves to be regarded as “a noble sport”. After conquering the highest peaks of the seven continents, the well-known entrepreneur Wang Shi has now regarded rowing race as a new challenge in his life, and also serves as Chairman of Asian Rowing Federation. 8848Ti Mobile Phone represented by Mr. Wang Shi will join hands with Wang Shi and Vanke to promote rowing race among China’s nobility.
8848Ti Mobile Phone has participated in the whole course of 2015 Asian Rowing Race Championship and 2015 ICBC Cup Multiplayer Masters Regatta as the main sponsor. It has also become the cooperation partner of DeepDive Entrepreneur Training Camp initiated by Wang Shi, giving full support to each training session in 2015 to demonstrate the 8848 spirit of “daring to be the pioneer” among all entrepreneurs in China.