8848 and Feng Xiaogang
Feng Xiaogang, an outstanding person of China’s fifth generation of directors, has directed many blockbusters with both public praise and high box office gross. In 2015, Feng Xiaogang was awarded “Ordre des Arts et des Lettres” by French Ministry of Culture. In the same year, he won “The Best Leading Actor Award” of the 52nd Golden Horse Film Awards in Taipei with Fading Wave.
On July 28, 2015, Mr. Feng Xiaogang attended 8848Ti Mobile Phone Launch event on invitation. In the event, he took up 8848Ti Mobile Phone and examined it carefully.
“After looking at 8848 mobile phone under discussion today, indeed, I feel that made-in-China products have made big strides in recent years. I think it is as good as foreign products, and might have outperformed many foreign counterparts in technology.”
——Feng Xiaogang
8848 and Jiacuo Rinpoche

Jiacuo Rinpoche, initiator of Philanthropy Fund and advocator of “Cloud Ashram” and “Family Buddhism”, is one of the most influential spiritual mentors born in the 1980s. He is also one of the wisdom mentors with strong popularity spreading capacity in the present new media age.

On July 28, 2015, Jiacuo Rinpoche attended the launch event of 8848Ti Mobile Phone on invitation, and hosted a holy blessing ceremony for 8848Ti Mobile Phone there.

With regard to the relationships between mobile phone, Buddha dharma, and people, Jiacuo Rinpoche, as the initiator of “Cloud Ashram”, has a special understanding——“Everyone is closely related to mobile phones. In my view, mobile phone is not only a technological product, it is more a dharma-vessel, a key that unlocks the door between people and the virtual world. Mobile phone is very important to human beings. It needs to be healthy, smart, safe, and comfortable so as to bring people nimbus.”

Regarding this 8848Ti Mobile Phone inspired by Everest, Jiacuo Rinpoche commented:
“Good things must have nimbus. 8848 mobile phone boasts the holiness and nimbus of Everest. It has absorbed the divine power of Himalaya.”
——Jiacuo Rinpoche
8848 & Western Returned Scholars Association • 2005 Committee
Western Returned Scholars Association • 2005 Committee is a high-end elite organization made up of returnees.

Western Returned Scholars Association • 2005 Committee got its name in 2005 upon its establishment.

Members of Western Returned Scholars Association • 2005 Committee have almost included all the leading figures of the most well-known returnees in China. Such members as Robin Li, Kai-Fu Lee, Yang Lan, Wang Shi, Wang Boming, Tian Suning, Xu Xiaoping, Shen Nanpeng, Chen Zhiwu, LvSiqing, Deng Yaping and Mao Daqing not only deserve to be the leaders of their respective fields, but have also made contributions to and witnessed China’s social progress.

On December 12, 2015, 8848Ti Mobile Phone paid tribute to success with the most renowned leading returnees of the contemporary society by participating in the 10th Anniversary of Western Returned Scholars Association • 2005 Committee.