8848 The Way of Everest

5360-meter high
There is always a place to nourish your courage in this world.
For 13 days,
Stride forward, and further, you will only become braver and braver.

Why the love for mountaineering?
Is it a feeling? Or a dream?
To challenge extremes? Or overcome yourself?
Because it is there!

8848 The Way of Everest is the annual tour of brand spirit, and also a titanium privilege activity for all 8848 mobile phone users. The hiking tour starts from Lucara, Nepal all the way to the 5360-meter-high EBC Everest Base Camp.

This hiking route is sacred for all outdoor enthusiasts, and also the only way to the peak of Everest. The scenery along the route changes with each step, majestic and grand. Proceeding from users’ needs, 8848 Summit Club provides professional route planning, high-end group leading service, and comprehensive safety emergency measures.

On the way to the peak of Everest, members of 8848 Summit Club took a plane to Lucara Airport, which is known as “the world’s most dangerous airport”. Along the way, before finally reaching the peak of Everest, they walked through mountain streams, climbed over mountains, crossed rivers, walked on chain bridges, greeted Tibetans, overcame ice blocks on the ground, and saw starry nights. While appreciating the magnificent scenery of the nature, members of 8848 Summit Club can also enjoy the privilege exclusive to those who climb Everest—spending a night in EBC Everest Base Camp. Thus, they completed the tour of tracing brand spirit of “daring to be the pioneer” with 8848.