8848 and Rowing Race

Compared with such elite sports as golf and equestrianism, rowing race, which originated from the U.K. and nowadays is very popular among royal households and elites in the Wall Street deserves to be regarded as “a noble sport”. After conquering the highest peaks of the seven continents, the well-known entrepreneur Wang Shi has now regarded rowing race as a new challenge in his life, and also serves as Chairman of Asian Rowing Federation. 8848Ti Mobile Phone represented by Mr. Wang Shi will join hands with Wang Shi and Vanke to promote rowing race among China’s nobility.

8848Ti Mobile Phone has participated in the whole course of 2015 Asian Rowing Race Championship and 2015 ICBC Cup Multiplayer Masters Regatta as the main sponsor.

8848 Summit Club & Deep Dive Rowing Club

The Deep Dive Rowing Club is developed from the Deep Dive Entrepreneur Training Camp initiated by Wang Shi, a renowned entrepreneur and Chairman of Asian Rowing Federation. Headquartered in Shenzhen Vanke Center, it is also a platform of rowing and interactions for domestic and overseas elite entrepreneurs.

As a partner of the Deep Dive Rowing Club, the 8848 Summit Club has not only supported the whole course of all activities of the rowing club in 2016, but also joined hands with it to promote experience programs in all rowing bases in China. This gave opportunities to all of our club members, wherever they are, to enjoy the excitement of rowing contests and gifts of the nature such as bright sunshine, fresh air and soothing waters.