8848 Summit Club carries out charity work for public benefits
2016 Lion Night

On January 9, 2016, the charity banquet of the 10th Lion Night was held in China World Towers. The 8848 Summit Club witnessed a touching and glorious beginning of the year.

The club donated an 8848Ti Mobile Phone with special meaning, for it had received holy blessings from Jiacuo Rinpoche at the launch event. Five other phones that had also received the blessings were given as gifts to celebrities such as Wangshi and Feng Xiaogang. The one being auctioned that night was the only one left. The contributions received will be used for charity to bring hopes to bring hopes to people in need for the coming year.

8848 Summit Club Lion Hiking at Gobi Desert – Re-embark on the Pilgrimage Journey of Xuan Zang for Public Benefits

We measured the Gobi Desert with our feet and performed public service with actions. On May 18, 2016, the 8848 Summit Club joined hands with the charity organization China Council of Lions Clubs in holding the “8848 Summit Club Lion Hiking at Gobi Desert”, which brought club members to an adventure in Gobi Desert. With the intention to trace Xuan Zang’s spirit of “daring to be the pioneer” in his truth-seeking pilgrimage to the West, we followed his route and embarked on a charity journey that lasted for four days and three nights.

Despite being in a desert that seemed to be without boundary, all members were hopeful and fearless. Even with the roasting sun and the sandstorms, we never failed to hold our flag high and strive forward.

We enjoyed all spectacular scenery in the Gobi Desert across various terrains such as hills, wet lands, deserts, and the Gobi Desert in a hike for 108 kilometers. While all 8848 summit club members gained self-cultivation from the journey, they have also performed public service with actions. All contributions generated from the event will be donated to charity.