Travel through time. Fall in love with Cuba.

Cuba, a country where time seems to have stopped since the early years of the industrial revolution. Grand buildings stand in profusion. Vintage cars shuttle elegantly across the city. In January, 2016, 8848 Summit Club and its members flied over half of the globe for a taste of the land of vintage cars and cigars.

Rolls of handmade cigars and vintage cars running despite the passage of time are both the favorites of mature men.

Here, the vicissitudes that the Moro Castle has witnessed are melted into the songs echoed over the Caribbean Sea. In such a place, Columbus made his first step on America, Hemingway finished his great work, and Guevara won his eternal victories.

For this single moment, with a ride on the vintage car and a taste of the cigar, you will be absorbed in the excitement and pleasure that rush into your mouth.